LED Mask and beyond: How high-tech items can help with skincare… Here Are Some Of Best Beauty Devices That Really Do Work

The Best Beauty Gadgets That Really Do Work

In addition to cosmetics, tech accessories can help with skincare and we have selected a list of the best beauty devices that really do work. Some products – such as LED masks, facial cleansing brushes, rollers, beauty fridges, and more – can be used to improve skin care, especially in times of restricted access to spas and aesthetic clinics.

“The benefits of using these devices at home are that in addition to enhancing the effectiveness of the products (some of them do help to improve absorption), it contributes to improving skin circulation – and the contact with the skin ends up activating cell renewal “, says Regina D. Thomas, a dermatologist at UT Health Clinic.

Not to mention that the self-care ritual is more pleasurable, increasing treatment adherence. What are the benefits of using beauty gadgets in your skincare routine? “Some are associated with apps that remind you about the time so you don’t forget your skincare routine. Some cleanse using a magnetic field and others, like brushes, have some exfoliating action”, observes dermatologist Denise Baker, of the Les Peaux Clinic.

So what to look for in a beauty gadget that actually works, one may ask? Here are a few things to keep an eye out for!

Hot and cold 

When massagers have different temperatures, they can increase the absorption of skin care products, and help deflate bags under the eyes, for example. “The heat function causes vasodilation that increases the absorption of everything applied in that region. The cold helps to contract the tissues and ends up providing an appearance with smaller pores and less swelling. And the massage also drains liquids retained on-site”, says Regina. 

Facial Cleansing Brushes 

They do a deeper cleaning as the contact with the bristles helps to exfoliate the area and promotes cell renewal. “Therefore, they must be used once or twice a week”, says Regina.

Rollers and Gua Shas 

They pop up in your feed and are almost irresistible, aren’t they? Both have the action of local massagers, stimulating microcirculation which, again, increases the absorption of the actives of your cosmetics. “The orientation of massages in specific directions and places with the rollers promotes local drainage that reduces those under-eye bags that normally appears after waking up. They are great when used frequently and stored in the refrigerator”, says Denise. They also have a draining and relaxing function and increase the focus on self-care.

 LED Therapy Masks 

LED is a low-power laser, a good supporting treatment at home, especially in the treatment of some already chronic pathologies, such as male pattern baldness, cases of difficult-to-control acne, or rosacea. “Each light has a function: the blue one is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and good for treating acne; the red one stimulates circulation”, explains the dermatologist. And there’s more: “The green light reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, the yellow light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and the violet light helps in cell regeneration and increases local metabolism”, adds Denise.

Beauty Fridge 

Some products need to be kept in the fridge – for acne, for example, or natural products with organic actives, as they have fewer preservatives. “Others, have their action potentiated if applied cold – those that fight swelling under the eyes”, says Regina. 

Homemade Blackhead Extractors Are Not Recommended. 

They can be tempting, but the technique and practice to extract blackheads are not so simple. “This homemade device can cause lesions that evolve into scars and stains”, warns Denise. Only the beautician has the expertise to perform this procedure.

“They are not indicated because misuse can traumatize the skin. It can become infected, and increase the risk of entry of bacteria into the skin and even become infected. The ideal is to clean the skin in a controlled environment, with a specialized professional, to clean, sanitize the skin, use actives that dilate the pores to facilitate the removal of comedones or sebum accumulation from the pores”, concludes Regina.

Are you having trouble finding any beauty devices that you can be sure will work for you?

Here are some products to try:

The Best Beauty Gadgets That Really Do Work

FLEUR Microcurrent Rejuvenating Facial Wand

Our skin can react in different ways to different temperatures. The FLEUR Microcurrent Rejuvenating Facial Wand uses RF Microcurrent settings along with sonic vibrations to make the most of your skincare routine.


The Best Beauty Gadgets That Really Do Work

IRIS Ice Roller

  • CUSTOMIZE FOR ANY SKIN TYPE: The ice face roller can improve your skin condition, you can use whitening lemon water, green tea, decongesting cucumber water, coconut milk, etc. to improve your skin, customize the recipe creatively according to your skin’s needs.





The Best Beauty Gadgets That Really Do Work

SHEA Electric Gua Sha Plate

  • MILD MICRO AND HEAT TECHNOLOGY: Vibration rebuilds the skin collagen, tightens up the pores, Mild microcurrent stimulation, improves the microcirculation of the facial blood vessels, and tightens loose skin. Heat technology instantly opens the pores, the formation of the active ingredients of the input channel, so that the essences of skincare products directly into the dermis layer







The Best Beauty Gadgets That Really Do Work

TULIP Facial Steamer

SAY HELLO TO RADIANT & CLEAR SKIN… Did you know that steaming your face once a week will be a game-changer for your skin?

Not only will you soften and hydrate your skin, but you will purify your pores with a deep clean to clear out debris and oil buildup giving you the cleanest brightest skin ever.






VIDA LED Facial MAsk


VIDA LED Facial Mask

  • ACCELERATE SKIN METABOLISM: LED face mask increases skin elasticity; fades freckles, improves pigmentation; Repairs wrinkles anti-aging, and removes rough skin, making your facial skin smoother and delicate!









Gigi Anti Age LED Sonic Facial Cleaner

GIGI Anti Aging LED Sonic Facial Brush

This cute, compact, and ultra-soft daily cleansing brush, goes deep and purges pores from impurities, in the most gentle way. The soft silicone hairs transmit over 5000 sonic pulsations a minute, deep below the skin’s surface, to empty out pores and gently massage skin for a beautifully conditioned, healthy glow.

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